A swift, reliable and to-the-point trading platform for veterans and newbies alike.

MapleChange - Crypto Asset Exchange


One of our primary concerns is security for our customers. We place a huge portion of our time and funding towards ensuring security is not compromised.

Customer Service

We strive to provide outstanding customer service, we can be reached on a variety of platforms, including Telegram, Discord, Twitter or by .

Swift Transaction

MapleChange relies solely on the aspect of swiftness. Our deposits and withdraws are next to instantaneous after they have been processed by the blockchain.


We always provide information regarding our plans for MapleChange. The community directly influences the path which our exchange takes.

Cross Platform

Our plans are to take MapleChange to the next step. Through seamless integration in the app market, our customers will be able to trade anywhere!


Our APIs are extremely easy to use. Our NodeJS API is extremely easy to use and set up. Alternatively, our Legacy API is available for more generalized applications.

Cross Platform Compatibility

MapleChange takes a stance above many other asset exchanges with its cross-platform compatibility. We would like to offer users of both Android and iOS devices the ability to smoothly (and swiftly) exchange the coins of their choosing from the comfort of their handheld device. This is a work in progress.

Instant Transactions

Through our integrated instant transaction system, you are able to send any type of crypto to any other MapleChange user via their email or coin address. Because these transactions are merely occurring onto our exchange platform, we charge 0 fee for them. Ultimately, this means you avoid the inconvenience of transferring from wallet to wallet and losing precious value from the blockchain's transaction fee.

What Makes Us Different?

Canadian Company

MapleChange is a registered company in Canada. We follow all Canadian legislation when it comes to cryptocurrency.


Our website is constantly updated, whether it is updates to ensure user experience or backend work, MapleChange is always being updated and kept up-to-date with modern day standards.


One of the most crucial aspect of MapleChange is the community. We urge everyone to contribute to the development of the exchange. Any criticism, regardless of its intentions is used to further improve user experience.

Two-Factor Authentication

Every customer's security is of uttermost importance to us, this is why 2FA is mandatory on every registered account in order to withdraw any funds. Should one wish to add another layer of security, 2FA can be enabled upon login.

Cryptographically Secure API

Our API requires personal user-generated API keys available through the profile of each customer. These keys are cryptographically encrypted in order to ensure security.

Customer Support

Our support team extends away from the traditional ticketing system. For a swifter response, you may contact any of our support members on Discord, Telegram or Twitter.






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